Vincent Gargiulo’s “Fantastic!”

FANTASTIC is a 20 minute parody of Disney’s “Fantasia”, combining 4 short original segments with original “classical” music that I wrote, featuring some of San Francisco’s finest underpaid musicians. Hear the Music!

MozartExpect visuals of balloon men, crazed composers, horny history teachers, poets trapped in experimental film clichés, talking donuts, medieval knights, the Hawaiian Wizard of Oz, and OTHER THINGS. We even scored an exclusive appearance by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, back with his new song in 222 years, “Take Your Head And Shove It To The Ground.”

The film is now on YouTube but you can also buy a SPECIAL EDITION DVD RIGHT HERE!!! It comes with the full film, commentary, extra footage, bonus features, digital download of the soundtrack, and other films including the award-winning “Duluth Is Horrible.”