An Experience In Sight & Sound


Most polished big budget film yet is a loose parody of Disney’s “Fantasia” featuring original stories, original “classical” music, and a brand new song & performance from Mozart! The film is on YouTube and/or you can get a special edition DVD Here!

Duluth Is Horrible
A Meditation on Loneliness

An award-winning series of vignettes chronicling a few lonely people in Duluth, MN searching for a connection in a bleak winter. Filmed in WinterScope!!! More Here! See it on Fandor.

It’s Saturday Morning Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


Wake up! It’s 1986 and you’re watching KNFR, Channel 13 Yreka. Sit back and enjoy a classic episode of the children’s variety show, “Wizzy & Friends”, along with some vintage commercials & promos. Includes the viral hit, “David’s Pizza Commercial“. The full film here.

The Muppetless Movie
It’s like a Muppet Movie but without, ya know…Muppets.

As featured on the Washington Post, a short homage to Jim Henson, featuring 30 respective Muppet characters played by local actors. All to an original Muppetesque soundtrack. Watch on YouTube!

Chickens In The Shadows
Three Nights Only. Thankfully.

In 1979, Toasters ‘N’ Moose formed, put out one album, and disbanded. Now 30 years later, their old manager has brought them together again for a 3 day tour of Northern California. Featuring their now classic hit “Taste The Biscuit” and live performances of many more great songs, our cameras follow on this less-than-historic tour.

Check out the website for more!

I Am Jesus Christ
14 Minutes. 14 Songs. 1 Lonely Messiah

Jesus is back to Earth at Christmas only to find it’s become less about him and more about Santa and presents. Undaunted, he takes a job as a Store Santa to get  the true meaning of Christmas out to the kids. But the modern world is no place for an out of touch savior. Can Jesus take back his holiday?

Mondo Penguin
50 Years of Penguin Experimental Film

Throughout the last 50 years, penguins have been making experimental & avant-garde films. They are just now getting noticed via ‘Mondo Penguin’, a non-profit distribution organization set up by the illustrious Dr. Charles Heathrow.

Watch it on YouTube!

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